Car dealership eyes Mt. Juliet

Farmers Family Restaurant is also on horizon.
Apr 3, 2014


There might be a new car dealership in south Mt. Juliet soon. Termed “Operation Donut,” City Manager Kenneth Martin said while he would not name the dealership, he said it is an internationally known brand and it might be six months before things really move on the deal. There are eight acres beside Walmart at The Paddocks, but the dealer would prefer a couple more.

“It’s looking good,” said Martin.

He said the sales tax revenue from the sale of one car in Mt. Juliet equates to about a month of sales tax from one restaurant.

Martin said Farmer’s Family Restaurant may come to the same general area in south Mt. Juliet. There are others in Knoxville, Columbia and Murfreesboro. 

“It’s fresh country cooking, buffet style,” said Martin. “”It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner from pork chops, to shrimp to catfish.”

He said the restaurant draws many customers. There’s 10,000 square feet available at The Paddocks.

“They have about 75 employees,” said Martin. “It’s looking really good.”

Another project city officials are working on is trying to find a tenant for the former Ruby Tuesday restaurant. It shut down two months ago and Martin said, “there have been all kinds of interest in the building.” In addition to other restaurants, he said he’s heard from people connected to an education institution, auto parts store and more.

“I think it’s a good location,” he said. “The building is backward and the entrance needs to be moved. It needs better signage too. But, soon it will be filled. I hate to see it sitting empty.”




The Tennessean showed it to be Rockie Williams Premier Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram.... they've since removed the article, but here is a cached version:



Thanks for the link and comment. Yes, I was told directly by the city manager to please wait to reveal the Rocky Williams name until everything was final! :) Which I did :) Thus, probably why they removed the article.

Laurie Everett


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