By mtjulietintern

What started as a search to meet other single people in Mt. Juliet has evolved into a social event aimed at singles, couples and those looking to meet new people.

The social event, dubbed Village Social, took place Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Jonathan’s Grille in Providence Marketplace.

Cecelia Bora, of Mt. Juliet, said the event started after a fake post in the Hip Mt. Juliet Facebook group that was started by a person claiming to seek single men in Mt. Juliet. She said the post was deleted after it was discovered the profile was fake, but the seed was already planted.

Bora said the post featured several married people offering suggestions, which eventually evolved to the tagging of single people to the post.

“That’s when people started tagging their single friends into the conversation and it was hilarious because people had no idea what they were being tagged into. It just made the conversation even funnier,” said Bora, who said plans for a meet up grew from the initial interest in the deleted post.

“What’s interesting to me is there are so many people here who don’t go out and don’t know people and are afraid to go out and meet other people, so they just stay at home and go on Facebook from their phone, but they never really do face-to-face conversations and engage,” she said.

Bora, who moved to Tennessee from Chicago 10 years ago, said the event would benefit those who have had a difficult time finding friends in the area, regardless of relationship status.

“I’m a full-time single parent, so I don’t have a lot of free time and a lot of people are in my situation where you just don’t have a lot of time to go out and meet people because free time is very limited,” she said.

Bora said difficulties arise with married friends because of the obligations that come with marriage and raising a family, but also highlighted the difficulties of people in relationships and married finding new friends.

“It’s not just about meeting single people, it’s about meeting people that you can hang out with and finding friends,” she said.

Bora said some people utilize Facebook and online dating apps and sites to find relationships and meet new people, but said she feel that wave is declining.

“Online dating, I think, has failed many people and has been a disappointment. I think people are looking for other ways to meet people,” she said.

“True relationships are built on face-to-face time and not the time we spend on social media.”

By Xavier Smith