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Some people use a planner to keep track of days and events happening throughout the year, but Wilson County residents organize their lives by means of the Wilson County Fair.

The Wilson County Fair is a staple in the community and state. It is a nationally recognized fair and continues to excel year after year. Not only does it set the calendars of the citizens of Wilson County, but it seems as though the whole world stops during fair time.

It is a week dedicated to fellowship and fun. With a focus on families, the Wilson County Fair provides a safe, enjoyable environment to gather with friends and family. It is a week dedicated to highlighting accomplishments throughout our community, and not just our community as a whole.

“Our fair does a fantastic job at showing all that Wilson County has to offer but the Wilson County Fair also makes it a priority to give individuals of every lifestyle and background a chance to shine,” said Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto. “The Wilson County Fair is also a week to celebrate agriculture in our community and throughout the world. Our fair’s main objective is to highlight the importance of agriculture in Wilson County.”

Though the 2016 Wilson County Fair has come and gone, but the success of this year’s fair continues. Each year, the Wilson County Fair attends the International Association of Fairs and Expositions contest program. This year’s contest had more than 1,468 entries judged by more than 50 industry experts. The Wilson County Fair received a total of 18 awards, including:

Agriculture Awards

• first place in agriculture programs promotional video for the Junior goat show video.

• second place in any other agriculture program or exhibit for the watermelon patch.

• third place in agriculture program area beautification for landscaping improvements.

• third place in non-fair-related agriculture event or program for the spring garden festival.

Competitive Awards

• first place in use of a single theme throughout all divisions for “We Want You at the Wilson County Fair” and the featured agricultural commodity for watermelons.

• first place in unique contest for the fair commemorative print contest.

• first place in competitive exhibit display photo series for the kids’ power tractor races.

• first place in general display photo single for the flower “bed” photo.

• second place in competitive exhibit display method and/or prop for the new rose show display.

• second place in create it on the spot contest for the watermelon carving for adults and watermelon head decorating
for youth.

• second place in participatory contest for watermelon gumball blowing.

• second place in new or unique contest to attract competitive exhibitors for the gaited mule show.

• second place in general display photo series for the broom-making demonstration.

Communication Awards

• second place in promotional or advertising poster.

• second place in unique advertising specialties, merchandise and souvenirs.

Sponsorship Awards

• first place for sponsorship innovation.

• first place for first-time sponsorship.

• second place for sponsorship.

• best of division for innovation in sponsorship.

“We are so proud of the accomplishments of our fair. However, none of these accomplishments would have been possible without the hard work of the Wilson County Fair Board and all of the volunteers that work continuously to make our fair the best of the best,” Hutto said. “So many people work year after year to provide the best fair experience possible and there is no way to thank each and every person enough for their contribution. Here at the county mayor’s office, we would like to say congratulations to Wilson County Promotions and the Wilson County Fair on another job well done.”

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