By mtjulietintern

Did you know that bullying is one of the biggest concerns of young people today? Bullying is a serious problem with 8-out-of-10 children bullied at some point in their childhood.

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

Bullying happens at school, at home, on the streets and on every level of social media. A lot of young people don’t even realize they are making other people’s lives miserable. They think they are just joking in making fun of or bullying someone. The truth is it hurts to be bullied and can change someone’s life forever. Bullying has even led to self-harming, suicide and murder. 

Bullying happens when someone picks on someone and makes their life miserable for no real reason but meanness. Bullying can come in many forms from kicking, smacking, tripping, making fun of, threatening or sending out false messages and rumors about a person through the internet and so on.

People have been bullied because of their size, accent, weight, color of their skin, stance on certain issues, interests or just because they are the new kid on the block or at school. Bullies are often insecure and pick on others to make themselves feel more important and powerful.

The sad thing is what a bully doesn’t see. Their bullying can lead to low self-esteem, suicide, revenge and even assault or murder. These are all things that can be avoided.

If you are someone you know is being bullied, there is help. If you’re bullied, you should tell someone. It’s very important to get other people involved and to ask for advice or help.

If you are bullied, it can feel like the whole world is against you, and you are on your own. Not true. The worst thing to do is to sit back and accept it. It won’t get any better unless you do something about it. If you are the victim of bullying at school you should contact your teacher, the principal or the guidance counselor for help. If the bullying happens on the streets or away from home, you can contact your parents or the police.

And if the bullying takes place at home, you need to advise your parents. Bullying is also a problem with adults. Most child bullies simply grow up to be adult bullies. The only thing that changes is the age of the people they bully.

Bullying is not just a child’s game, and it’s a horrible practice that ruins lives no matter what age and causes scars that can last a lifetime. Bullying also isn’t just committed in person these days. It’s now done via social media and other forms and is totally unacceptable.

In closing, please know help, support, love, kindness and advice are out there. Don’t accept or participate in bullying. 

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.