By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

With all the love I have for our senior citizens, I wanted remind everyone to please remember to check in on our senior citizens to make sure they are doing well.

A lot of our senior citizens live alone and don’t drive any longer, therefore they sometimes need errands ran or items picked up. If you know of a senior citizen, regardless of age, who is homebound, please stop by and check in on them periodically. You will sometimes find that they are in great need and simply don’t know who to turn to for help. You will more than likely find a sweet person full of life, smiles, laughter, kindness, wisdom, knowledge and even a little mischief.

Unfortunately, our senior citizen population sometimes gets overlooked or forgotten about, and we cannot let that happen. There has never been a time that I didn’t learn something from my elders or a senior citizen, and they have earned and deserve our respect, attention, love and support.

If we’re lucky, we’ll be senior citizens one day ourselves and get the support we need, as well. So I am asking anyone that may possibly read this column to please take time to visit and speak with a senior citizen. Please also spread the word to others. The experience will indeed be worthwhile and educational.

As we all know, time and the environment have a way of changing our physical appearance on the outside, but minus age and medical setbacks, our minds go relatively unaffected. Many a young person has been fooled into thinking they could outsmart, outrun and even out think a senior citizen, only to be fooled by the much-wiser senior citizen. Our senior citizens are like fine wine. They just get better with time and age. They are sort of like an old pair of jeans or shoes. The more and longer you wear them, the better they fit.

As for the senior citizens, please keep this in mind. Each day that you awake brings yet another day to pass on your many years of wisdom and life experiences. Your experience in life is invaluable. What make us young at heart are our smiles, personalities, attitudes, families, friends and love. Being old in years doesn’t make you old at heart anymore than being young in years makes you young at heart.

Having a positive attitude and a smile on your face will make you feel young at heart. Get to know a senior citizen, and please don’t forget about them.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.