By mtjulietintern

Since the advent of the Providence Marketplace, I would venture to say that “shopping local” has been much easier to do, with a wider variety of stores and merchandise in our own town. But did you know that your city property taxes only go to fund the Mt. Juliet Fire Department?

All other expenditures for the city of Mt. Juliet come out of the general fund. So how does the general fund get refilled in order to pay the light bills for various city buildings, maintain the city infrastructure or take care of the payroll at those departments?

Shop local. Out of every $100 spent in Wilson County, the Mt. Juliet general fund gets $1.10. While this amount doesn’t seem like much, it all adds up every time money is spent locally. As more families plant roots in Mt. Juliet and take advantage of the shopping here, the more the General Fund will grow. And if we can lure other businesses here, in order to keep our Mt. Juliet residents from having to travel outside of our trade area, that would benefit both the residents and the city.

By shopping local, it allows our local businesses to support other local businesses. These owners then invest in the community and have a vested interest in the future of Mt. Juliet. Not only that, but the business community becomes reflective of this community’s unique culture.

As Mt. Juliet has grown over the years, the roads have been widened to ease the traffic flow for our citizens, that they may more easily be able to access our local businesses. Providence Marketplace has been a real boon to the area, both in the availability of stores Mt. Juliet residents can now shop at where formerly they had to travel into Nashville to shop. Even residents outside of our fair city come to enjoy Providence and all its many stores. This also enhances Mt. Juliet’s ability to keep roads, city buildings and the parks and recreational facilities maintained.

If we continue to shop locally, our city will continue to grow and the services we use such as the park system will continue to grow with us.

It definitely makes sense for our residents to be able to shop locally, thus saving time, gas and less stress to get to another store outside of the city. Our Economic and Community Development department is working diligently to bring other businesses here to minimize the need for local residents to travel outside of Mt. Juliet. I’m sure many of you would have a suggestion or two as to other businesses you would like to see in our area that you regularly shop at outside of Mt. Juliet. Please give us a “heads up” at the email address below and your suggestions will be forwarded to our ECD department.

Thank you all for shopping in Mt. Juliet.

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Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.