By mtjulietintern

The Tennessee House of Representatives officially convened last week in Nashville, marking the beginning of the 110th General Assembly, and as part of the opening day ceremonies, Rep. Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, took the oath of office and was officially sworn in for another term.

House Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Nashville, appointed Lynn as chairman of the House Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee. The Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee reviews legislation dealing with consumer protection laws and all human resource and labor law regulations statewide.

Along with serving as chairman, Lynn will also continue her service as a member of the full Consumer and Human Resources Committee and the House Finance, Ways and Means Committee.  

“The people have placed their trust in us because of dedicated public servants like Rep. Lynn whom they know will lead based upon the commonsense, conservative values of our state. I look forward to working with her to accomplish a great deal on behalf of all Tennesseans this year,” Harwell said.

Members generally serve on only two committees, but Harwell also saw fit to appoint Lynn to a third committee, the House Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee hears all ethics complaints against sitting legislators.

“Speaker Harwell is most generous, and I am always very proud and eager to serve this body anywhere she determines that my skills and knowledge will best contribute to the end result,” Lynn said.

Finally, Lynn was officially re-elected by her peers to the Fiscal Review Committee. Fiscal review is a committee that has oversight over all state contracts and other matters of a financial impact such as budget estimates.  

In addition to her duties, Lynn also serves on the Workforce Development Board under the state Department of Labor – a position to which she was appointed by Gov. Bill Haslam last year – and she serves as an executive board member of the Greater Nashville Regional Council – a position to which she was elected to by her peers in 2016.  

This year, legislators are looking to build upon the success of the previous session that saw wasteful government spending cut from the budget, taxes lowered for all Tennesseans, measures passed to better fund and improve education and encourage job growth, as well as numerous other government reforms, Lynn said.

“Our community sent me here to help them – one of the many ways I do that is by supporting policies that will uphold our Constitution, strengthen our economy and produce more job opportunities, ensure our budget remains balanced and fight government waste. Today, my resolve is even stronger to continue doing just that,” said Lynn. “Let me add how truly honored I am to continue my service as chairman of the House Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee.”

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