By mtjulietintern

The Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce received hiring and decision-making tips Wednesday during its monthly luncheon from James Fields, president of Concept Technology.

Fields shared several tips for hiring personnel, keying on his experience with his company, which grew from one to more than 50 employees in five years. Fields said employers should know their target number of hires, have potential employees display their ability to do the work, talk to potential employees for more than an hour and hold group interviews.

Fields also highlighted his company’s key decision-making model – the triangle.

“This is a model we use in all of our decision making – big and small,” Fields said. “Any time we make a change, we take it back to the triangle, which is balancing the needs of clients, the team and the business.”

Fields said in the world of technology, things constantly change and evolve, which requires constant use of the triangle.

“If we do something that is great for our clients, good for our team members and good for our business, then that’s like a win-win-win,” Fields said. “But, if one of those three corners of the triangle is getting a bad deal, then we’re probably not thinking about this right and probably going back to the drawing board.”

Fields also highlighted the inner triangle, which focuses on humility, curiosity and vulnerability of employees.

“If you think about the people you worked who were terrible teammates…they certainly don’t demonstrate these characteristics,” Fields said.

The meeting also featured an interactive portion that required members to highlight and share their best practices when it comes to hiring.

By Xavier Smith