By Angie Mayes

Special to Mt. Juliet News

Mt. Juliet’s growth is evident with new businesses scheduled to open in the near future.

Construction on the International House of Pancakes is about to end, and the restaurant is expected to open soon, according to planning director Jennifer Hamblen. The retail store, At Home, is also under construction and should open in the near future, she said.

“TriStar emergency room is slated to open [this] week, and Wash and Roll [a drive-through car wash] on Lebanon Road opened [Nov. 21],” she said. “Christian Brothers Auto Repair has submitted a site plan for December, and we have some exciting things lining up for submittal very soon.”

City Manager Kenny Martin said Mt. Juliet is excited about the new businesses, which will help fill holes in the city’s commercial areas.

“We proactively reach out to retailers across the country that our residents and visitors tell us they would like to see in Mt. Juliet,” Martin said. “We also encourage the importance of shopping locally daily.”

In addition to making connections with businesses in Tennessee in person and by email, Martin attends the annual International Council of Shopping Centers conference in Las Vegas each May. He attends with Wilson County, Lebanon and Watertown as a joint Wilson County recruitment trip, he said.

He said, “Because of our low tax base, Mt. Juliet operates mainly off of sales tax revenue. Making Mt. Juliet an even more business-friendly environment not only encourages citizens and visitors to shop in Mt. Juliet, but also encourages businesses to come to Mt. Juliet.

Martin said shopping local “is most important to our mom-and-pop businesses and our corporate business, as well. Sales taxes help pay for our police, fire, parks, schools, public works, roads and so on. Revenue generated from sales taxes also helps us keep our property taxes low.

“Mt. Juliet has a property tax rate of $.016.5 cents. By comparison, Smyrna has a property tax rate of $.7007 per $100 of assessed value. LaVergne’s property tax rate is currently $0.71 per $100 of assessed value, and Hendersonville is $0.758 property tax per $100 of assessed value. Mt. Juliet, by far, has one of the lowest property tax rates in the state and with continued good sales tax revenue and being great stewards of the citizens’ resources, it is our plan to keep it that way.”

Businesses in Mt. Juliet help attract other businesses to come to the city, he said.

“Our businesses are our economic engines, and they are most helpful in helping our great city provide the wonderful services we provide,” Martin said. “This is most important in all communities, but with Mt. Juliet’s low property tax rate, the need for sales tax revenue is paramount. That is why shopping local is so vital for Mt. Juliet. Shopping local helps your community more than you know. When you shop in other communities, it supports that community and not your own, so please shop local by supporting Mt. Juliet and Wilson County businesses first.”