Lebanon Publishing Co. community guidelines v2.3.1, effective July 26, 2013

Lebanon Publishing Co. sites are a place for us to gather and discuss the important issues facing our community. We ask nothing more than people speak their minds and observe the same codes of behavior they would in real life. The following guidelines explain what it means to be an active member:

Community Guidelines

You cannot make posts (or create usernames) containing:

1.    Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity or picking fights),

2.    Personal information,

3.    Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc,

4.    Remarks advocating illegal or violent actions,

5.    Libel and defamation,

6.    Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language,

7.    Spam.

8.    Off-topic comments,

9.    Lengthy excerpts from other websites.

You should know:

1.    The comments are not our opinions,

2.    We do not take responsibility for any 'facts' contained within them,

3.    If you have a verifiable scoop, the thing to do is call the newsroom, we'll check it out and write a story if it's true.


We will not:

1.    Remove your post FOR ANY OTHER REASON than those stated above,

2.    Ever give away your private and personal information except to cooperate with a criminal investigation,

3.    Screen the comments in advance,


But we will:

1.    Be ready to review, as soon as possible, any comment you report as abusive and remove it if it does violate the guidelines.

2.    Shut down comments on a story if they get out of hand,

Block users who repeatedly violate these basic rules of common decency.