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Jared Felkins • Mt. Juliet News
Chloe Kohanski sings on FaceTime during an interview with editor Jared Felkins and news editor Sinclaire Sparkman. Kohanski sang a song by Dido that she didn’t get the chance to sing while on ‘The Voice.’ Check out the interview at

After winning season 13 of “The Voice” Mt. Juliet native Chloe Kohanski spoke with The Lebanon Democrat and Mt. Juliet News on Thursday about some of her plans after the show.

Most of Kohanski’s 2017 was spent in California filming and performing for the show, and she said it was nice to come home to Wilson County.

“It was awesome just to be here and be able to thank my family for probably half the votes that won me the show,” Kohanski said. “It was awesome just to be able to relax for a minute and have kind of like a normal Christmas.”

She said she spent New Year’s in New York with some friends and is now about to start working on her first single under Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group.

“They’re saying anywhere from the next month or so they want to have the single ready. I’m not necessarily sure if that’s fact or not, but that’s what has been told to me,” Kohanski said.

She will also appear on “The Voice: Neon Dreams” show which is set to open at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in the spring and will feature former contestants and winners from the NBC show.

Kohanski said she misses her fellow contestants from the show like Red, whom she hopes to write with soon, Addison Agen and especially Brooke Simpson.

“Literally, it’s like a weird adult music summer camp and we all got super close. It’s like our family now, so I miss everybody. But I’d say if I only got to pick one person, I miss Brooke the most.”

To her fans here in Wilson County, she wanted to give a big thank you.

“I want to say just the biggest thank you in the entire world to everybody who watched every week and even if you didn’t watch it on television, the people who stayed connected on social media and voted,” Kohanski said. “I feel a lot of hometown support from Mt. Juliet, from Lebanon, from Donelson and Hermitage and Nashville, just everyone surrounding Nashville really pulled for me and we won and that’s really exciting. So I’m just eternally grateful and honored and humbled.”

Her win on the show is only the beginning for her, and she now plans to start the work that takes it to the next level.

“The biggest thing I want to stress is that winning The Voice just brought me to ground level, and now the real work begins. This is going to be about making a really prominent career for myself. I’m really excited. I think this year is going to be huge,” Kohanski said.

By Sinclaire Sparkman