By mtjulietintern

In the fall 2016, Wilson County resident Tom Clemmons set out to record his father, Hubert D. Clemmons Jr., who recounted his memories as a B-24 pilot.

In the early days of capturing the moments for future generations, Hubert died.

Hubert Clemmons’ death left more questions than answers for his son who kept wondering what his father experienced during the war.

With the support of his brother, Rusty, and his sister, Carol, Tom Clemmons set out on a journey of discovery to uncover a story left unfinished.

Along the way, the siblings met a fascinating group of people dedicated to preserving the legacy of veterans.

Their efforts resulted in a documentary film, “Time Changes Everything,” produced by Semmes Media.

The public is invited to see the film on a big screen Saturday at 2 p.m. inside the Wilson County Veterans Museum. The museum will open at 1 p.m. for free tours and to meet filmmaker Trey Semmes and the Clemmons’ family.

The museum’s number of folding chairs is limited. Those who plan to attend should bring a folding or lawn chair.

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