By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

Character is defined as a quality or trait that distinguishes an individual from others, or a distinctive quality or trait. In other words, it’s a way of saying you have good moral and ethical beliefs.

Far too many people are placed in a positive light because of looks, money, stature and power. This begs the question, what really makes a person a good person? Are you a good person if you sing well, dance well or work hard? That only means you’re good at something.

You’re probably asking, OK, what does it take to be a good person? It takes quite a few things to classify as a good person. You need faith, integrity, honor, dignity and good character.

Take a moment and think of someone with these qualities. As the old saying goes, they stick out like sore thumbs. They stand out because they’re unique and dedicated at becoming a good person. They go above and beyond on a regular basis for the good of their community, country and mankind. It’s easy to be a thug, criminal, thief, liar, cheat or backstabber. But it’s tough to be a good person. You’ll have people punishing you for speaking up for Christianity, pride for your country and looking out for your neighbor, while those who preach hatred and discontent go almost without an ounce of notice or resistance.

We have to convince our children, family, friends and fellow citizens of the importance of good character. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a good person. It doesn’t mean you’re a nerd if you don’t cuss, drink or do drugs. And if definitely doesn’t make you cheesy for believing in God. That only makes you stronger. But those who don’t have the same moral and ethical beliefs will do all they can to discredit your lifestyle.

In closing, don’t ever be ashamed of being just a plain good person with high moral and ethical beliefs. Right will always be right, and wrong will always be wrong.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.