By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

Having a good home, auto, business and personal defensive protection plan in place is your best team defense against becoming the victim of a crime.

With that in mind, we must defend our person and property against the other team, the Tennessee Thieves. The Tennessee Thieves work on their offensive and defensive game plans daily. They prepare game plans aimed at stealing and robbing honest citizens of their hard-earned property, with only one thing in mind, winning. They work on timing, execution, speed and scoring – the scoring of your property for their benefit.

That is exactly why we must prepare our defense. Our defense should consist of sound common sense approaches to home, auto, business and personal safety def-enses. Being proactive will solve many at-tempts by the Tennessee Thie-ves’ offense.

The first step in winning any game is to not let the other team know your game plan or see your game book. Our playbooks should contain keeping all windows locked and secured, traveling with car doors locked, investing in personal, auto, home and business alarm systems, not allowing strangers in our homes, recording all serial numbers from valuables, engraving identification and tracing numbers on valuables not marked with serial numbers and video taping or photographing all valuables for insurance purposes and record keeping.

In other words, we must do all we can to win the battle against the criminal element and crime. Taking a defensive stance and preparing a good defense are proven winners against crime. The other team has to score in order to win. You’ll win by simply holding the other team scoreless.

Don’t give the Tennessee Thieves the victory. Prepare a good defense, join a neighborhood watch program, call in all suspicious activity to your local police or simply look out for your fellow neighbors and law-abiding teammates.

In closing, if we prepare a good defense, we’ll all be Tennessee Winners in the fight against crime.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.