By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

In school, we always hated or feared getting an F on a paper, report, project or most importantly a report card. As a result you might not have been a big fan of the letter F. But an F isn’t always bad.

For example, without the letter F we wouldn’t be able to spell words such as future, fun, fast, festive, festival, fair, first, food, fuel, flight and football.

All words we really like. But the more I think about the letter F, the more I think about faith, family and friends. Without those three words the rest of the letters that begin with the letter F really wouldn’t mean near as much.

In other words, we should always embrace and keep faith, family and friends in our lives. Unless we take time to realize what life is all about and it’s many blessings, it will be difficult to truly enjoy and appreciate it to the fullest. 

Another wonderfully important word that starts with F is forgiveness. As human beings, we are not perfect, and are flawed in various ways. As a result, we sometimes don’t get things just right, perfect or as we hoped for or planned.

I now truly understand how precious the letter F can be. Without it, we would be hard pressed to understand just how blessed we are to have faith, family and friends in our lives. So, please live life to the fullest by embracing and enjoying your friends and family.

Sometimes doing so may require a little faith and forgiveness.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.