By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

Have you ever noticed that we all seem to be more giving and kind when we’re in a good or great mood? It’s just human nature to do more good deeds and be nicer when we’re happier. The struggle of committing good deeds and being nice is harder to do when we’re agitated, aggravated, frustrated, mad, ill, tired, impatient, hot, cold, running late or distracted. Wow. It seems there are lots of things that can distract us from being kind, nice and committing good deeds.

The problems caused from all the distractions can, at times, cause us to be less than nice and forget to commit good deeds ourselves. The sad thing about anyone committing less good deeds is it is reciprocal. Less good deeds committed equals less good deeds received.

In other words, the more good we do for others the more likely we are to receive the same in return. We should all be more aware and cognizant of others feelings, as well. The way to create a happier more giving society is to start with ourselves first. If we all committed more good deeds for no reason at all, it would surely catch on.

Think about it. It’s hard to be mean spirited or ill to anyone who is good or kind to you. However, let someone cross you in the wrong way and watch the sparks fly. Very few disagreements have ever, if ever, been caused from someone committing good deeds or kindness.

As human beings, our tendency is to be nice to those that are nice to us. In traffic and driving situations, we have all found ourselves needing to enter traffic only to find that other drivers will not stop and allow us to enter traffic. We patiently wait and wait when finally someone lets us enter traffic. We say to ourselves, finally.

As we enter traffic, we waive to the person who committed the good deed feeling better about society and mankind as a whole again. Thank goodness for these random good deeds.

If we didn’t all have a good deed thrown our way every now and then we would all eventually commit less good deeds ourselves. The morale of the story is to remember to be kind to one another for we all have to share this wonderful life and world together. As we were all told by our parents for many years, it is always better to share than not to share. And that goes for the sharing of good deeds, as well.

So please remember, what goes around comes around, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Commit more good deeds, and you will, indeed, receive more good deeds in return.

Have a great day.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.