By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

What makes you a rich person? Is it money? So many people have lived their entire lives looking for that pot of gold or searching for a way to become rich only to find that they had been rich all along. 

Some will work many jobs, sacrificing multiple hours of family, fun and relaxation time all for the almighty dollar. Unfortunately, many of these people will never achieve what some would refer to as being rich. Some believe rich means you have to have lots of money, fancy cars, jewelry and a big house, and that’s simply not the case

As it was proven many times before, rich has very little to do with money, homes, jewelry or fancy cars. Rich has everything to do with having people who love you, your health and knowing your family and friends are safe, happy and healthy. We must never lose sight of what really makes us so-called rich folk. Don’t get me wrong, having money to spend is nice, but it’s not everything. Does it help? Of course it helps, but it will not make you happy. For example, no amount of money in the world can guarantee someone’s health or even tomorrow. If you died today, you couldn’t take the money with you, but you could take the love with you.

Other examples are cars, jewelry or worldly possessions. They’re great to have, but you can’t take them with you. Cars tend to sit in a garage, jewelry tends to sit in a jewelry case unworn, and most possessions simply sit idle collecting dust. If you don’t have love in your heart and your health you can’t enjoy any of these things no matter how much money you have. 

In other words, being rich has nothing to do with money. Rich is a state of mind. The person that awakes each and every day thanking God for his wife, children, family, friends, health and blessings will live rich lives. Rich with money will only make you a poor person if you don’t have love, good health and happiness in your life. We’ve all lost someone we love or who was heartbroken. Think about it. When you lose someone you love or have a sick family member or friend, chances are you aren’t thinking about money or possessions. 

The next time you question your wealth in dollars and possessions, simply take a look at the people who love and care for you, and you will suddenly realize just how truly rich and wealthy you are. Simply put, I bet you are extremely rich even without the first dollar in your pocket. 

Just take a look around, and you’ll suddenly see just how truly wealthy you are. Now you probably know a lot more rich folk, including yourself.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet