By mtjulietintern

Kenny Martin
City Manager
Mt. Juliet

Most everyone should receive your census form in the mail soon if you have not already received it. Please take the time to fill it out and mail it in.

I am as picky and hesitant as anyone. I know when it comes to giving out personal information about my family and me, but when it comes to the census, we need to make sure we are counted.

The many benefits and reasons to fill out your census card include:

• It’s important: Census data determines funding for your community, your community’s representation in local, state and federal government and your community planning decisions.

• It’s easy: The Census questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete, answer and return.

• It’s confidential: Your responses are protected by law. All census bureau employees have taken an oath to protect confidentiality and are subject to a jail term, fine or both for disclosing any information that could identify a respondent or household.

• It’s required by law: The information you provide is combined with responses provided by your neighbors and other households across the country to provide summary statistical data that are used by various local, state and federal agencies.

• Census affects funding for your community: Census data directly affects how more than $300 billion per year in federal and state funding is allocated to communities for neighborhood improvements, public health, education, transportation and much more. That’s more than $3 trillion in a 10-year period. Spending just a few minutes to fill out your census form will help ensure your community gets its fail share of federal and state funding.

There will also be a door-to-door census process, as well, so don’t be alarmed if you see a smiling face at your door.

We have a wonderful community, and together we can make sure we get all the resources and representation we deserve and need for our future. So please join me in becoming a part to secure additional resources for our citizens and our community.

Kenny Martin is city manager in Mt. Juliet.