By mtjulietintern

Wilson County icon Hale Moss died Monday night after he attempted to attend the Wilson County Commission meeting.

Moss, who was recently inducted into the Wilson County Agricultural Hall of Fame earlier this month, was well known for his work with the Wilson County Fair and his business, Moss’ Florist and Garden Center.

“In my mind, he is an icon in Wilson County,” said Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto.

Moss taught at Lebanon High School for four years, starting in 1970. He also served as the Tennessee Department of Agriculture director of fairs and livestock shows.

Moss and his family operated Moss’ Florist and Garden Center for 39 years. He retired from the business last year.

Moss was the 23rd participant in the Wilson County Library Roast. Lifelong friend Andy Brummett spoke about his childhood with Moss, along with his passion – the Wilson County Ag Center.

“The James C. Ward Agricultural Center is his passion, and it’s a better place because of him,” Brummett said during the roast.

“He was one of the pioneers with the Wilson County Fair and had a lot to do with making it what it is today,” Hutto said.

Hutto said Moss had a passion and skill of bringing people together and educating people about the importance of agriculture.

“One of his sayings was ‘brown milk doesn’t come from a brown cow.’ He worked to educate people how things got to the grocery store. He also worked well with people when you think about the number of volunteers that work the Fair every year. Hale had a lot to do with that,” Hutto said.

Moss also received credit for upstarting the Fiddlers Grove portion of the fairground last year. Fiddlers Grove creators and leaders Genevia and Carlton Thomas credited Moss and Randall Clemons with the area’s start.

Hutto said Moss was a pioneer who “served his county well.” He said Moss’ attempt to attend the Wilson County Commission meeting showcased his love and passion for Wilson County.

During Moss’ Wilson County Library Roast, it was said honorees needed to be “a good sport, generous and brave.”

Moss was described as all three.

By Xavier Smith