By mtjulietintern

The Wilson County 911 Board discussed the cost of its upcoming remodeling and renovation of the building at 1611 W. Main St. in Lebanon at the group’s monthly meeting Monday.

Wilson County 911 director Karen Moore gave the board an update on what Studio Oakley, the organization whose concept designs the board approved in February, has done.

“Hopefully we can get the construction drawings, hopefully, before the end of this month,” said Moore.

Board chairman David Hale suggested the board make a motion to allow Hale to approve the documents proposed by Studio Oakley subject to the counsel’s review of the documents.

“I think that we’ll complete this project under $1 million, which is less than half of what we have in our reserve, still allowing us to keep a healthy reserve,” said Hale. “We have always tried to maintain a healthy reserve here, so if they said tomorrow, ‘There’s no more money,’ we could keep the doors open for an extended period of time.”

The board unanimously approved a motion to allow Hale to sign the documents from Studio Oakley after they were read and approved by the counsel.

Moore also took time during the meeting to talk about National Public Telecommunicator Week, and asked that board members show their appreciation for the dispatchers who work hard every day.

“We’re very appreciative of not only our 911 call-takers, but our sister agencies, Mt. Juliet, WEMA, Sheriff’s Department, Lebanon PD,” said Moore. “They work strange hours and they work almost every weekend and, if we need them, they’ll work overtime. Words don’t do it justice for what they do.”

By Jacob Smith