By mtjulietintern

Commissioners tout new addition to Wilson County Veterans Plaza

The Mt. Juliet City Commission talked about the Wilson County Veterans Museum’s opening several times during its meeting Monday night.

The first time the event was brought up was during the citizens’ comments section of the meeting by former Mt. Juliet and current Wilson County Commissioner Jim Bradshaw.

“I just want to make sure all the citizens know that the Wilson County Veterans Plaza and Museum opened last Friday,” said Bradshaw. “You need to go up and see it. They had the grand opening Thursday. I was in attendance. It was so many people there. It was a super event, a three-hour event, really. It’s a self-guided tour. They’ve actually got a full-sized helicopter inside the museum, and you can get up inside it and pretend you’re flying, I guess. It’s just a wonderful place. You need to go up.”

Mt. Juliet District 1 Commissioner Ray Justice backed up Bradshaw’s comments on the museum with his own endorsement.

“If you have not had an opportunity to go to it, you need to take the opportunity and go up there and look at what Wilson County has put together,” said Justice. “It is something to behold.”

Following the comments section of the meeting, the commission addressed the ordinances on the schedule, one of which was an amendment to the alcoholic beverage section concerning alcoholic beverage samples.

City attorney Gino Marchetti explained the reason for the amendment.

“Alcoholic beverages versus beer are treated differently in the state,” said Marchetti. “Various places sell beer to go, not restaurants and the like, and they want to have samples of some of their craft beers. There was no provision for that, so this was our attempt to limit it and put some structure on how often and how many and what sizes and the like. We had a couple complaints that people were handing out full cans of the craft beer as samples.”

The amendment regulating samples of beer in the city to just four 2-ounce samples in one calendar day passed unanimously.

The next Mt. Juliet City Commission meeting will be Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

By Jacob Smith