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Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto will deliver his State of the County address Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at the Lebanon Golf and Country Club.

Hutto will discuss the county’s successes in several areas, including education, public safety, quality of life, economic development, finances, transportation and more.

During the past year, Hutto touted Wilson County Schools and its continued success with higher-than-average ACT scores and graduation rates.

Hutto has also highlighted the county’s emergency response agencies’ move toward co-location for dispatchers. The move will house all emergency and law enforcement agency dispatchers and call takers under one roof.

Hutto also recently highlighted the opened Wilson County Emergency Management Agency fire station on Greenvale Road in Statesville and the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency station on Cainsville Road in the Norene community.

He will also discuss the area’s quality of life and attractions, which include the Music City Star, Wilson County James E. Ward Agricultural Center, Wilson County Fair, Wilson County Veteran’s Plaza and Museum, along with several greenways and parks throughout the county.

“There’s an opportunity for us to be the first county in the state that’s linking two state parks together – Long Hunter and [Cedars of Lebanon],” said Hutto last year, who added the county would look to take advantage of a service trail no longer in use.

“We’re going to try and see if we could convert that into a five-mile track that would connect those two parks, so people could get in and ride from one park to the other,” said Hutto, who added the county could also potentially use the trail for marathons and other events. 

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By Xavier Smith