By Angie Mayes

Special to Mt. Juliet News

Three Wilson County incumbents won their respective elections Nov. 6 in the state legislature.

In the race for state Senate District 17, incumbent Republican Mark Pody defeated Democrat Mary Alice Carfi, 35,868 to 16,099.

After his win was announced, Pody said, “We are very blessed with results we see coming in. Right now, we need to give the glory and honor to God. I want to thank all of the people who helped on my campaign. Mary Alice did a good job. We focused on the issues and tried not to do negative stuff. People were trying to put negative stuff in the race, but we focused on our personalities.”

Carfi said, “I want to thank everyone who supported me, helped me and guided me through this process, my family, friends and people who would become friends. I worked hard through this campaign. The voters made their decision on who would represent them. I am proud. I stood up and tried to make a difference for my family and friends.”

Incumbent Republican Rep. Susan Lynn defeated Democrat challenger Jordan Cole, 22,858 to 10,611 in a race for state House District 57.

“I am very grateful to the voters of Wilson County for giving me another term, and I’ll always do the absolute best for them,” Lynn said. “I encourage them to call if they ever need help because it is my pleasure to help them.”

Cole said, “I trust Susan will serve the constituents of District 57 dutifully. I thank those who believed in me. God bless Wilson County.”

In the state House District 46 race, incumbent Republican Rep. Clark Boyd defeated Democrat challenger Mark Cagle. Boyd won the race 13,321 to 5,011.

“We are very excited and pleased with our win,” Boyd said. “We got a much larger margin of victory than we expected. I’m humbled of the support of voters in our district. It’s an absolute privilege to be their state representative, and I look forward to the next two years.”

Cagle said he was surprised by the results.

“It’s a little bit surprising, but Clark is a very nice gentleman, and he ran a respectful campaign,” Cagle said after the votes were counted. “I was looking forward to it and thought I was up for the challenge, but apparently not enough. But Clark is a very nice gentleman.”