By Angie Mayes

Angie Mayes • Mt. Juliet News
Mt. Juliet Planning Commission members meet Thursday night to discuss several plans for new developments in the city.

Special to Mt. Juliet News

Lynwood Station, connected greenway from Charlie Daniels Park to a new subdivision in Mt. Juliet, was a key point at the Mt. Juliet Planning Commission meeting Thursday night.

Commissioner Art Giles said while he appreciates a trail going through the subdivision and eventually ending at the Music City Star train station, he would like to see a greenway more aligned with a true greenway other than a path.

“I’d like to see the [10-foot] path turned in to a true greenway,” Giles said. “We need the connected paths or greenways, but we need to come up with a solution to put an actual, true greenway in the project.”

He suggested moving the border fence on the project to the property line and putting a true greenway path between the fence and the buffer made of the existing trees, which are mostly cedar trees. That way, a 10-foot greenway and a 10-foot buffer of the trees could be included, Giles said.

“If we look at coming up with another idea, which includes bringing a greenway near Clemmons Road, we can have a 6-foot sidewalk on the other side,” Giles said. “My vision is that the greenway be run all the way up Clemmons to the Woodridge subdivision bridge. If a sidewalk is built in Woodridge to the bridge, then residents of both subdivisions will be able to utilize the greenway.”

He said a true greenway would help the city with multi-modal grants in the future.

“But, if the greenway is put in by the developer,” it will be faster than getting a grant,” Giles said.

The property at 325 Clemons Road, will consist of single-family homes and townhouses. The plan came before the commission in April and May, and the commission asked for a reduction in the number of structures.

Commission chair Luke Winchester said he would be concerned for the safety of the residents since the greenway plans do not include lighting or patrols by police.

Giles said Charlie Daniels Park and the greenways in the city close at 10 p.m., but there are a number of people who are on the paths at midnight.

“I wouldn’t do it,” he said.

Winchester was concerned about getting to people in case of an emergency.

“Because the greenway would be between the fence and the trees, the emergency services personnel could not get to it easily,” Winchester said. “There needs to be some sort of entrance to the trail [throughout the greenway].” 

The commissioners will require traffic-calming measures throughout the subdivision, Winchester said. 

The commission voted to give the project a favorable recommendation to the Mt. Juliet City Commission. 

Also, on the agenda, the commission approved a renovation at Chick-fil-A on Mt. Juliet Road, which plans to add a second drive-thru lane at the restaurant.