Staff Reports

Mt Juliet firefighters responded to this fire in the rear of a home on Raven Crossing. The fire involved a shed and sections of fence and some trees. There was no damage to the home.

Mt. Juliet firefighters fought a fire Tuesday evening that burned a resident’s backyard, shed, fence and trees. 

Mt. Juliet dispatchers sent firefighters to 2022 Raven Crossing just before 6:15 p.m. after a resident reported his backyard was on fire and spreading to the trees and a fence. 

Deputy Chief Chris Allen arrived first and found a shed, fence and trees were on fire in the resident’s backyard. Firefighters with a ladder unit led by Lt. Brent Blamires arrived and started to extinguish the fire. A hydrant was found in the front yard. 

Firefighters put out the fire and cut away some trees and a few fence sections to ensure the fire wouldn’t reignite. The roofing material from a shed was pulled away and firefighters soaked the pile of ashes.

Allen said the cause was determined to be a homeowner who burned some fungi in the back of the shed when the fire got out of hand and spread to the shed. The fire then extended to the trees and fence. 

Firefighters cautioned the homeowners about open burning in the densely wooded area so close to a building.

There were no injuries and no damage to the home.