By mtjulietintern

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Seven new firefighters graduated from recruit training Tuesday night, and the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet held a ceremony to honor them.

The Fire Department of Mt. Juliet recognized seven new firefighters recently with a ceremony for their completion of recruit firefighter training.

Shaun Tucker, Michael Tuck, Zach Smith, Jason Pawlick, Callie Minton, Chris Manlove and Neil Howard all completed their training.

Mt. Juliet fire Capt. Nick Ford, Capt. Mo Sills, Capt. Mike Leal and Deputy Chief Chris Allen each gave the new firefighters words of wisdom and experience gained from their career in the fire service.

Assistant Chief Shawn Donavan and volunteer Lt. Ryan Benson, Lt. Davis Combs, Lt. Brian Diehl and Lt. Marshal McGough led the class and served as instructors.

“We also thank all of the other FDMJ members who made this class a success,” said Mt. Juliet fire Chief Jamie Luffman. “Finally, FDMJ thanks these new firefighters and their first families for stepping up and serving our community.”

By Jacob Smith