Daniel Harris

Wilson County sheriff’s deputies charged a man last Wednesday with violation of the sex offender registry after a viral post on Facebook accused him of the crime.

Daniel Sherman Harris, 75, of Mt. Juliet, was charged with violation of the sex offender registry after Mora Cole’s Facebook post that accused him went viral Tuesday night.

Cole said in the post Harris convinced her to come to his chicken farm and bring her child with her. Cole convinced her husband to go with her, and said Harris seemed upset with the fact her husband was there.

“When [my son] got in the car, I told [Harris} I will never buy eggs from him again,” said Cole. “I could sense he was a potential threat to my child.”

She was so disturbed by the interaction with him, she looked him up when she got home and found him on the sex offender registry. He was also working at the Donelson Farmer’s Market last year reportedly trying to convince families to come visit his farm.

Deputies arrested Harris on Wednesday afternoon they saw the Facebook post. According to Wilson County sheriff’s Lt. Scott Moore, investigators checked into the complaint and found Harris was in violation of the sex offender registry.

“We want to remind everyone that if you observe suspicious activity going on, to directly contact our office at 615-444-1412 so that we can immediately investigate the situation,” said Moore.

By Jacob Smith