A suspect wanted for aggravated stalking was found inside the walls of a home she had barricaded herself in on Escalade Drive in Mt. Juliet late Thursday night.

According to Mt. Juliet police Capt. Tyler Chandler, the woman was wanted about 4:30 p.m. for reportedly stalking the neighborhood with a knife.

“In the evidence that we have, she was walking around, while stalking, armed with a knife,” said Chandler. “She wasn’t threatening anyone with it, she was just stalking while armed with a knife.”

The woman apparently barricaded herself in a house, and officers had to wait for a judge to approve a search warrant to go inside. The Mt. Juliet police crisis negotiation team tried to coax the woman out of the house while they waited for a warrant.

“We also wanted to give her plenty of time to come out on her own,” said Chandler. “Using our special response team to go inside a home is our last resort.”

When the officers went into the house with a warrant, they were unable to find the woman until one of the officers heard a noise in the wall. They found she had gotten stuck when she tried to hide from the officers inside the walls of the house.

“It’s believed that she got into the wall by going into the attic and then just dropping herself down between the bedroom wall and exterior wall of the house,” said Chandler.

It took officers some time to get the woman out of the walls, and when they did, she was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

“It’s pretty unusual,” said Chandler. “It’s a first for me, and the other officers on scene definitely haven’t seen this before, but if someone’s attempting to evade police, it’s likely they’re going to use whatever means to try to stay away from us or hide from us, and it’s clear she was hiding from us.”

The woman involved in the incident was arrested for a domestic violence incident just a few days prior.

Chandler said once she was evaluated at the hospital, she would be taken to the Wilson County Jail and charged with aggravated stalking.

By Jacob Smith