By Matt Masters

The parents of 391 students at Wilson Central High School received letters recently that said the students’ ACT scores were nullified after they took the test in October.

Wilson Central principal Travis Mayfield sent the letter to parents to explain and apologize for the issue. He said the issue was due to several factors that stemmed from an Oct. 2 ACT security breach.

Due to the security breach, ACT officials rescheduled the test for Oct. 16, which fell during Wilson Central’s fall break. The students’ were scheduled to retake the test Oct. 30, but the test wasn’t returned in exchange for tests with the new test date, something ACT officials require for security reasons, which all resulted in the students taking the wrong tests.

Mayfield said students who took the ACT with accommodations were not affected and would receive their scores.

Students will have an opportunity to take or make up the ACT on Dec. 4 at Wilson Central.

It is not clear whether the rescheduled test will have any negative impact on students who plan to apply for college and meet deadlines to turn in applications. Wilson County Schools public information officer Jennifer Johnson said students’ college applications shouldn’t be impacted by the testing delay.