Staff Reports

Mt. Juliet detectives charged a suspect wanted for multiple charges related to credit card skimming activity in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Detectives used investigative techniques and discovered the unidentified 30-year-old suspect was likely in the Mt. Juliet area. Detectives searched for the suspect, and he was charged while he drove a rental vehicle Friday at about 9 p.m. on Old Hickory Boulevard near Interstate 40 in Hermitage.

Detectives discovered credit card skimming equipment and multiple cloned credit cards. It’s likely the suspect was in the process or attempted to skim credit cards in the area, according to Mt. Juliet police Capt. Tyler Chandler.

Chandler encouraged residents to watch their debit and credit card transactions for fraudulent activity. If any suspicious transactions are spotted, the card issuer should be notified immediately.

Due to the continuing investigation, the suspect’s identity was not released.