By mtjulietintern

According to Wilson County sheriff’s Lt. Scott Moore, reports surfaced recently of a telephone scam where people call and claim to be with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office to solicit money from residents.

Moore said a group of people call residents and tell them they will be jailed if they do not come up with a $1,000 payment.

One of the numbers used in the scam is 615-549-8696. When that number is called, there is an automated voice that says you have reached the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. It then goes into many options to be reached by dialing an extension number.

“So far, there have been a couple victims,” said Moore. “The sheriff’s office will never conduct business in this manner. We will not tell anyone to go buy prepaid gift cards and have you to call us with the number on those cards to pay a fine. Our main number is 615-444-1412. If you ever need to authenticate something that doesn’t sound right, you can always verify by calling our number.”

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