The Wilson County Fair Board selected “A Grand Celebration” as the theme for the 2019 Wilson County Fair, which will open Aug. 16 at 5 p.m. and continue through Aug. 24.

“Our theme focuses on the many milestone celebrations happening in our Wilson County community in 2019,” said Wilson County Fair Board president Randall Clemons.

Clemons said some of the milestones include Wilson County Promotions celebrating 40 years of producing the Wilson County Fair, the city of Lebanon celebrating 200 years and Wilson County celebrating 220 years. Several other businesses such as Cracker Barrel, Demos’, Wilson County Farmers’ Co-op and The Lebanon Democrat, to name a few, each celebrate significant milestones in 2019.

Each day of the fair will be a different celebration to create an overall grand celebration during the nine-day fair.

Agricultural fairs are a tradition in Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture was formed in 1854 to promote agriculture through fairs and expositions and continues to support fairs held across the state. Nearly 3 million people visit Tennessee agricultural fairs each year.

As the largest county fair in Tennessee, the Wilson County Fair maintains a focus on fun, entertainment and agriculture experiences for all fairgoers. Clemons said the agriculture commodity focus for 2019 will be the “Year of Wool.” 

“Our fair’s roots and existence remain as an agriculture fair,” Clemons said. “Agriculture feeds us, clothes us and shelters us, and we use a different commodity each year to educate, as well as bring attention to, the importance of agriculture in all of our lives.”

There will be more than 150 events planned during the nine-day fair, and volunteers are making plans to tie the theme in to the many exhibits and competitions during the fair.   

The 2019 Wilson County Fair will again be presented by Middle Tennessee Ford Dealers. The cover of the 2019 Wilson County Fair premium catalog, which will be distributed in mid-July, encompasses both the theme and the agriculture commodity while depicting all aspects of fair events and activities.

Clemons said fair organizers plan for this year to be a great fair. There are lots of plans made to make coming to the fair “a great place for family fun and entertainment.”

“We want ewe at the 2019 Wilson County Fair, along with your family and friends,” Clemons said. “We’re working hard to make this year’s fair the best one ever.”

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