Rima Austin

Special to the News

The Wilson County Legislative Committee voted Thursday night to send the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution to the Wilson County Board of Commissioners for a final vote in a little over a week.

The resolution is similar to a document being distributed by the Republican parties in Virginia and was created by the Wilson County Republican Party. It asks Wilson County commissioners to designate the county as a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

According to the resolution, this means, “any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms shall be regarded by the people of Wilson County to be unconstitutional, a transgression of the Supreme Law of the Land and its spirit of individual sovereignty, and, therefore by necessity, unenforceable and invalid from the outset.”

“I have not read the resolution,” said County Attorney Mike Jennings. “My understanding is they’re asking the county commission to take a stand and say we’re against anything that infringes upon our Second Amendment rights.”

In an interview after the committee meeting, Terri Nicholson, Wilson County Republican Party state executive committeewoman, said her party got the idea after hearing about what is happening in Virginia concerning gun laws.

“This is a proactive approach to what is taking place in Virginia,” said Nicholson. “Militias are being formed and I hate it has come to that but obviously they feel like there is a high possibility of an infringement on their Second Amendment rights just to keep and bear arms.”

After a brief discussion about concealed weapons laws, the committee decided to send the resolution to the county commissioners on Jan. 27 for a final vote.