She got the idea to modify Tumble Form chair for fun

Photo courtesy of Heather Brown
Mt. Juliet mother Heather Brown created a custom sled for her 4-year-old daughter, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, so that she could enjoy the snow.

A Mt. Juliet mom got creative in designing a sled so her daughter could experience sledding in the snow last week.

Heather Brown said her 4-year-old daughter, Natalie, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and as a result, she has low muscle tone in her trunk and poor head control. Brown got the idea to slightly modify her daughter’s Tumble Form chair.

“It’s a flat-based chair made of thick foam,” said Brown. “It’s molded and reclines, so it’s a great alternative to her wheelchair or stander. The chair is great for helping her with basic positioning without being complicated like most of her other equipment.”

Brown took the chair and attached it to an extra-large storage lid she had in an upstairs closet.

“I simply cut a hole in the handle part – where the plastic is thicker – laid it face down so the edges were up and attached a chain,” said Brown. “The base of the Tumble Form fit perfectly inside the lid, so I wasn’t concerned with the chair just sliding off the lid as soon as we started moving, and boom, Natalie has a sled.”

Brown and her daughter used the custom sled throughout the snow days, and Brown said she had just as much fun as her daughter.

“I just wanted her to be able to experience what an actual snow day was all about,” said Brown. “So, I just utilized what I had and made the best of it. It was fun for both of us, and more importantly, she had a blast.”

By Jacob Smith

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